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The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is an XML-based open standard for structuring, developing, managing, and publishing content. DITA has gained widespread adoption in the technical documentation world, and implementation is now spreading out across the organization. Content Mapper with the Simply DITA™ schema is a simple way to adopt DITA.

The Simply DITA Schema

The Simply DITA™ Schema is a subset of the full DITA schema. With it, Content Mapper allows for creating DITA Topics, Tasks, Concepts, References, and Maps while supporting the DITA standard metadata and the DITA Open Toolkit. The familiar Word ribbon provides all the tools you need to create and edit your DITA content.

Write DITA content directly from Content Mapper. Add elements like new sections, pictures, tables, or lists. 

With Content Mapper, it's easy to make:

  • DITA Topics
  • DITA Tasks
  • DITA References
  • DITA Concepts 

Learn more about DITA templates in Creating a Document

Insert meta data at either the document level (Properties) or the element level (Attributes). Customize the metadata specific to your organization. Metadata can be open text or chosen from a drop down menu. 

Drag-and-drop DITA Topics to build your DITA Map. Insert Topics, create hierarchy, and publish from the DITA Map Editor. 


Simply DITA™ Training is a half-day, web-based, interactive training course that teaches authors how to create structured documents that conform to the DITA standard.

The course focuses on what writers of business documents need to think and do differently to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently with DITA. You will learn just what you need to know about the DITA standard so that you can write valid DITA Topics and DITA Maps without having to learn any XML code. The live, interactive course format includes demonstrations, chats, exercises, and Q&A sessions with your instructor and classmates.

To learn more about training, download our Training Overview

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