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A DITA authoring application that delivers powerful and easy-to-use MS Word to XML technology.

Simply XML's Content Mapper Solution

Content Mapper was created to empower the 1 Billion+ users of Microsoft® Word to improve business results from authoring and publishing content. Our state-of-the-art MS Word to XML publishing technology lets anyone generate useful and valid XML, the rising standard for content authoring and publishing.

How It Works

What is Content Mapper?

Content Mapper is an easy-to-use authoring tool that allows you to generate reusable content right from Microsoft Word. It takes care of all of the technical XML complexities “behind the scenes” so that all you need to think about is creating great content. It's also quite versatile and configurable to meet your needs.

Content Mapper lets authors create original or template driven documents, reuse existing content, add metadata, and publish to a variety of media.

Content Mapper has been built to work with a variety of applications, under a number of the most popular operating systems, and with potential access to hundreds of related software applications and tools - all you need is an application with an accessible API. 

Key Features

Content Mapper's user interface is familiar and very intuitive. Content Mapper does all the XML technical work behind the scenes to allow authors to generate XML with little or no training. Authors can generate valid XML in minutes rather than hours.

Content Mapper allows your knowledge workers, engineers, subject matter experts, and other content contributors to author, edit, and share their XML content without ever leaving the familiar Microsoft® Word environment. The environment is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and the author never has to see or deal with the underlying XML.

Content Mapper eliminates the IT bottleneck and the extra layer of technical staff often needed to convert Word-based content to XML. Anyone can create valid XML with Content Mapper.


Content Mapper can be easily configured to meet your unique business needs, including any of the following areas:

  • Document Structures - Content Mapper can support standard and custom structures.
  • Repositories - Content Mapper can support any repository with an accessible API.
  • Processes - Content Mapper can meet your specific requests for workflow, metadata, publishing, and legacy import; it can also integrate with the other software tools that drive your success.


Technical authors love their complicated tools. But the 1 Billion+ Microsoft Word users won't leave it to author in a different, more complex tool. The problem is easily solved with Content Mapper. Because output is always valid XML, all of the more technical XML editors can work with Content Mapper XML with perfect round-tripping.


Content Mapper meets the broad needs of large and small commercial and government organizations. A solid return on investment is achieved through implementation of single source publishing, multi-channel publishing, and other opportunities for information reuse.

  • Subject Matter Experts play a critical role with their in-depth knowledge of your business. Rather than training them to use yet another tool you can maximize the effectiveness of these busy employees by providing them with an easy to use Word-like authoring tool.
  • Training Developers can reuse content, publish to the needs of specific audiences, improve translation efficiency, and leverage content created throughout the enterprise.
  • Marketing Departments can quickly tailor their deliverables to various external customers and internal audiences that can vary by application, industry, and geography.
  • Sales Organizations can streamline and improve product knowledge, sales support materials, and the proposal generation process.
  • Policies and Procedure Writers can take advantage of existing content to meet the compliance needs of their audiences.
  • Reuse for Translation is a fundamental part of any global business. The ROI for reuse of translated information is unequivocal. Enhance your translation workflow with this easy to use XML-based authoring environment.
  • Documentation Departments that author in MS Word can now get all the advantages of XML-based authoring and publishing.

What Is Content Mapper?

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