Editing a Document

How to Edit a Document in Content Mapper

The familiar Word ribbon provides all the tools you need to edit your content and hides any Word functions that are not allowed by the XML standard. You can easily format text, insert tables and images, add lists, and more.

Content Mapper allows authors to easily insert the following:

  • metadata and attribute tags
  • standard formatting options such as bold, italic, underline, superscript, and subscript
  • bulleted and numbered lists
  • standard tables, with support for resizable columns, merged cells and columns, split cells, and embedded tables
  • pictures and clipart, including captions
  • hyperlink references to content targets

It's Easy to Edit Content in Content Mapper

To format text, simply highlight the text you want to change and choose the formatting option. To insert tables or images, click the element you'd like to add.

Editing Content in Content Mapper

XML separates the content creation from the publishing. Style sheets (included in Content Mapper) decide what the content will look like. If you decide to change font size and color, you make one change in the style sheet, instead of in each document.

When you go to publish, the documents will automatically pick up on the changes to produce your new look.

Publishing a Document

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