Content Reuse

Why Content Reuse?

The central benefit of content reuse is it allows you to write and maintain your text once, but have it appear multiple times throughout your document set, and it can radically reduce the cost of maintaining documentation.

Content Reuse in Action

You can write content once, then reuse it as often as you'd like. Changes and updates to this content can easily be made in one area.

In this example, we see the Company Overview content stored and maintained in one place, then reused in three places:

  • A client document, such as an RFP
  • Online in an About Us section, or
  • In print, like a New Hire Manual

Content Reuse with Content Mapper

Reuse is easy with Content Mapper. Just follow the two steps below:

Step 1

Locate the desired content based on type, title, or properties. 

Step 2

Preview the content and insert it as either a reference (locked for editing) or copy (editable). 

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