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Publishing a Document

Content Mapper allows authors to write content once, and publish it many times for paper or online viewing. You can choose to publish to PDF, DocX, HTML, and more. And your content always saves as valid XML.

Content Mapper promotes multiple output formats. Content Mapper has two options of publishing:

Publication Wizard

The Publication Wizard allows you to create beautiful PDF, XPS, or DocX documents, customized to your exact needs. You can easily format the headers and footers, cover page, watermarks, and more according to Word styles and themes. You can generate an Index, Table of Contents, and Cover Page. Save your favorite styles as a Standard Output for one click publishing. View the screenshots below to see all the ways you can customize your published document.

Screenshots of the Publication Wizard functions

Content Mapper Screenshot Save your favorite styles as a Standard Output for one click publishing. Or go to Advanced Publishing to create different styles at anytime.
Content Mapper Screenshot Choose from dozens of Word styles to modify your Header, Footer, Cover page. Easily add a Watermark to designate your materials as Draft, Confidential, Sample, and more.
Content Mapper Screenshot Modify your document's page layout and size, choose from different themes and styles, and publish with columns.
Content Mapper Screenshot Generate and customize an Index.
Content Mapper Screenshot Generate and customize a Table of Contents. Choose a title and what level of hierarchy to display.
Content Mapper Screenshot Format to PDF, XPS, or DocX. Optmize for screen or print. Include structure tags, markup and more.

DITA Open Toolkit

The DITA Open Toolkit is a set of Java-based, open source tools that provide processing for DITA maps and topic content. You can download and install it for free on any computer.

Key output formats for the DITA Open Toolkit include:

  • PDF
  • ODT (Open Document Format)
  • Eclipse Help
  • HTML Help
  • Java Help
  • Eclipse Content
  • Word RTF
  • Docbook
  • Troff

Screenshot of the DITA Open Toolkit publishing

Content Mapper Screenshot