Simply DITA Training

Simply DITA™ Training

Simply XML's Simply DITA Training is a half-day, web-based, interactive training course that teaches non-technical authors how to use Microsoft Word with Simply XML's easy to use software, Content Mapper for Simply DITA, to create structured documents that conform to the DITA standard.

The course focuses on what writers of business documents need to think and do differently to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently with DITA.

We will cover the basics of the DITA standard so that you will understand what it is and why it is important, but we won't go into any technical depth on the DITA architecture or the XML coding that lies behind it. That's because Simply DITA takes care of all of the technical complexities "behind the scenes" so all you need to worry about is the content.

The live, interactive course format includes demonstrations, chats, exercises, and Q&A sessions with your instructor and classmates.

What You Will Learn

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Explain what DITA is and how it improves efficiency and control
  • Quickly create DITA Topics, DITA Concepts, DITA Tasks, DITA References, and DITA Maps that you can easily manage and reuse
  • Connect DITA Topics using DITA Maps to publish complete documents
  • Use DITA content for single source and multi-channel publishing

Who Should Attend

You should attend this course if you:

  • Write business documents such as training or marketing materials, sales tools, or policies and procedures for an organization that is adopting the DITA standard
  • Are considering DITA as a possible standard
  • Want to learn about the DITA standard and how it enables single source publishing and reuse
  • Are evaluating Microsoft® Word-based XML authoring tools for yourself or your organization

Course Agenda