Creating Great Structured Content

Creating Great Structured Content

Simply XML's Creating Great Structured Content is an 8-hour, web-based, interactive training course that teaches non-technical authors structured writing skills along with Content Mapper Creating Great Structured Content will help bring non-technical authors into the world of structured writing with an XML architecture underneath.

Participants will learn to think and act for the benefit of the information consumers who use their content.

The live, interactive course format includes demonstrations, chats, exercises, and Q&A sessions with your instructor and classmates.

What You Will Learn

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Utilize Topic-based writing with the information consumer's performance needs in mind
  • Use Content Mapper to generate a standard architecture with XML/DITA completely out of sight
  • Understand and develop 5 important information types to both speed authoring and produce more usable content
  • Apply six important principles to guide and control your authoring
  • Create larger documents from unique or reusable Topics
  • Understand and use metadata to help both authors and readers find the content they need
  • Optimize content creation for reuse through Templates, Tables, Fragments, Images, and Content References, and
  • Manage content creation, storage, and publishing with supporting technology.

Who Should Attend

You should attend this course if you:

  • Write business documents such as training or marketing materials, sales tools, or policies and procedures for an organization.
  • Need to get control of your MS Word-based authors to adopt content standards
  • Want to improve the cost and efficiency of your content supply chain.
  • Are evaluating Microsoft® Word-based XML authoring tools for yourself or your organization

Course Agenda


Skill Transfer

Our objective is to make your authors successful at minimum cost through web-based or onsite instructor-led sessions or with a Train the Trainer agreement. Contact us at or 781-801-9255.