Content Mapper Updates

Content Mapper Updates

Content Mapper began back in the early 90s, as it got its start at Information Mapping, then later spun off into Simply XML. From early on, we saw the benefits of structured markup, first with SGML, and now XML, and we bring these benefits to the entire enterprise. Our roadmap has always been customer driven.

Version 6.3

Released March 2021

  • Simply DITA 1.3 with native MathML
  • Auto population of publication metadata when publishing to Word
  • SDL Integration Enhancements
  • GitHub Repository Integration
  • DITA Open Toolkit HTML5 Publishing with MathML
  • Link references to list items
  • Generalized batch importer to Simply DITA
  • Granular Change Tracking including MathML
  • Oxygen Change Tracking Enhancements
  • Alfresco REST Repository Integration
  • easyDITA enhancements including branching support

Version 6.2

Released August 2019

  • DITA Map and DITA Bookmap Templates
  • Enhanced DITA Map Editing and Review
  • Two-step Import from docx to DITA Map
  • Support for ConKeyRef(Block Elements)
  • SVG Image support (Word 2016 and later)
  • Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Integration
  • Bluestream XDocs Integration
  • SDL Integration
  • easyDITA Work Flow Support
  • IBM FileNet SSO with Kerberos
  • Online Help
  • FIPS(Federal Information Processing Standards) Encryption
  • UI Localizations for Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, and Czech

Version 6.1

Released February 2018

  • Find and Find & Replace allows Map-level editing directly on the XML
  • Go to Component Source navigates to re-usable element
  • Component and Topic "Where Used" implemented
  • DITA Open Toolkit support confirmed through version 3.0.2
  • Context Hint shows a more descriptive view
  • SubVersion Support
  • Improved Word to DITA Importer
  • Tighter Integration with DITAToo
  • Some Help Functions Improved

Version 6.0

Released June 2017

  • Architected under .NET 4.6.2
  • Improved security
  • Improved stability
  • Improved integration architecture
  • Support for DOTK 3.X & 4.X
  • Improved metadata support
  • Support for DITAToo Virtual Drive
  • Integrated with Miramo PDF

Version 5.1-5.11

Various Releases: February 2012 through May 2016

  • Support multiple new versions of Windows and Office
  • Improvesd installer, various performance improvements, single sign-on, update options
  • Simply Structured document type introduced including Simply Structured Book
  • Improved DITA Topic and DITA Map UI including custom custom configuration of elements, links and cross-references
  • Support for Programming, Software, and UI specialized DITA elements with Advanced Tab
  • Support for WebDAV and CMIS Repositories
  • Improved localization support; Danish, French, German, Spanishg, Japanese, and more
  • Added support for annotations in DITA and Simply Structured
  • additional Paragraph Heading levels, local templates, tables and fragments
  • Improved property and attribute support
  • Improved table and image support
  • Ability to work offline, disconnected from repository
  • DITA Val support for conditional publishing through Publishing Wizard and DITA Open Toolkit
  • DITA support for Subject Schemes, Relationship Tables, and more
  • Improved publishing with custom styles and EPUB
  • Flexible importer including batch facility
  • Import to Simply Structured from FS Pro and DocuTools
  • Improved metadata-based search for SharePoint and other repositories
  • Custom Data Binding facility
  • Round trip Specialized DITA and Oxygen Annotations
  • Integrated with Alfresco, Componize, Doucmentum, DITAToo, easyDITA, FileNet, XDocs, SQL Server,
  • File System Repository
  • Support for Math ML from Design Sciences and Acrolinx
  • Improved metadata-based search for SharePoint
  • Improved legacy content import engines for both Simply DITA and Simply Structured
  • Improved validation support and error logging

Version 5.0

Released 2011

  • Architected under .NET 3.5
  • Added support for Office 2007 and 2010
  • Created a Publication Wizard that allows users to customize PDF, DocX, and XPS outputs using Word styles
  • User Interface was rewritten to match Word 2007 or Word 2010
  • Created functionality to copy and paste Excel charts and graphs directly into Content Mapper documents
  • Improved metadata and attribute management
  • Greater relevance and control in the Word menu structures
  • Added support for a multi-audience publishing schema called MAX (Multiple Audience XML)
  • Utilized a CMIS interface for integrations with Alfresco and Componize
  • Created a generic Word to DITA Topic import mechanism
  • Built a shared/common update service instead of a customer/license key specific update service

Version 4.0

Released 2005

  • Architected under .NET 1.1
  • Added support for Office 2003 and Windows 98 and 2003

Version 3.0

Released 2001

  • Rearchitected to a generalized Word to XML editor, driven by DTDs

Version 2.0

Released 1998

  • Created under .NET 1.1
  • Generated Formatting Solutions to OOXML output

Version 1.0

Released 1993

  • Worked with Arbortext to create an Information Mapping DTD to generate SGML