Why Use Content Mapper?

Content Mapper has been created so many of the 1 Billion+ users of Microsoft® Word can improve business results from authoring and publishing content. Content Mapper lets anyone generate useful and valid XML, the rising standard for content authoring and publishing.

All the features your authors want and need

Content Mapper™ is an easy to use authoring tool that allows you to generate reusable content right from Microsoft Word. It takes care of all of the technical XML complexities “behind the scenes” so that all you need to think about is creating great content. It's also quite versatile and configurable to meet your needs.

Content Mapper lets authors create original or template driven documents, reuse existing content, add metadata, and publish to a variety of media.

Content Mapper Features

It works where you work

Content Mapper has been built to work with a variety of applications, under a number of the most popular operating systems, and with potential access to hundreds of related software applications and tools. In general we can integrate with any application that has an accessible API.

Content Mapper Technical Specifications

We’re changing the value proposition for XML authoring

Content Mapper is changing the value proposition for the industry with a fantastic ROI for our customers and significant discounts for large groups. All of our products and services are priced to achieve value with enterprise adoption.

Content Mapper Pricing

Simple answers to your most frequently asked questions

  • How is Content Mapper different from Microsoft Word's "Save as XML" feature?
  • What are the advantages of Content Mapper over traditional XML editors?
  • Can I work offline with Content Mapper?

Content Mapper FAQs