Big Bodacious BOTs, But...


Big Bodacious BOTs, But...

Posted on March 2018

Frank: That was a pretty good article we wrote, Doug, the one about ECM. What are you considering for the second newsletter article?
Doug: I started to write about BOTs and an approach that would broaden their internal and external use. I decided to turn it into a white paper that is available on our Web site and through the link at the end of this article.
Frank: Are you thinking of replacing me with a BOT?
Doug: No, Frank, but I am thinking that we should love BOTs and BOTs should love our realistic approach to structured writing, Content Mapper, and Simply XML.

White Paper Abstract

The White Paper presents the case that there is a fork in the road to BOTs.

One road leads to highly targeted use of BOTs. It involves highly specialized information whose core development and existence is for Technical Publications. Travel on this road involves expensive tools for authoring and content management. This may be a perfectly appropriate road for some.

The other road leads to a broader use of BOTs for internal and external content. Readers have questions related to more general internal and external needs that BOTs can access. This approach leverages existing tools as well as structured content created by non-technical staff—internally in marketing, sales, policies and externally by customers and sales prospects.

Frank: What's the But?????
Doug: The "But" is that the broader approach is only realistic and effective if organizations Keep It Simple Smart-person.