Where's the Beef for Enterprise Structured Content?


Where's the Beef for Enterprise Structured Content?

Posted on August 2017

A few years back, Wendy's did a series of advertisements with the woman above. She looked at burgers that were "mostly buns" and then called competing burger chains asking, "Where's the beef?" Wendy's had the answer. Very effective! (My daughter Katie informs me that there may be a generation gap here, so I have provided this link to one of the ads. Frank also tells me that I should point out that Beef can be a figurative term. You might think of beef or tofu, as he thinks of cookies.)

Organizations should ask where the beef is when thinking about moving enterprise information to structured content. We define structured content as the result of both structured authoring and structured mark-up with XML. Simply XML feeds your need for beef with Content Mapper software and an optional training system for Developing Great Structured Content. There's plenty of beef at the enterprise level for everyone at the table, not just Tech Pubs.

Information Consumers

These are your internal or external customers who use the content you create. They are the readers who need the right information, at the right time, on the right device, in their preferred language. If you don't get the right content to them in an accurate accessible way, then performance suffers. The enterprise loses customers, experiences compliance issues, increases support costs, discredits the brand, and more.

Simply XML Delivers the Beef for Information Consumers

Here is how:

Enterprise Authors

These are the employees and contractors who develop content. They want to operate with their preferred authoring tools, which in most cases means MS Word. They don't want to learn about XML and they will never use a technical XML editor like XMetaL, Arbortext, or FrameMaker. They want to efficiently and effectively do their jobs. You need to give them the tools and skills that they need to simply produce results.

Simply XML Delivers the Beef for Enterprise Authors

Here is how:

Publishing Departments

These are the organizations that print or manage web-based, mobile, and other content. They are under tremendous pressure to deliver just enough, just in time information. They operate in a controlled environment driven by work-flows, versioning, and deadlines. They know about XML and may have been using some form of it for years. However, they have been frustrated with the lack of quality and consistency received from individual authors and departments. This has caused substantial costs in time and money related to conversion and re-work.

Simply XML Delivers the Beef for Publishing Departments

Here is how:

IT Departments

IT Departments have their own pressures. Personnel and financial resources are no longer limitless. Everyone wants their____ (fill in the blank) today, tomorrow, this week, but never "when you get to it." Outsourcing has often been a chosen, but sub-optimal alternative.

Simply XML Delivers the Beef for IT Departments

Here is how:


Implementing an enterprise content standard, you and your organization will

There's plenty of beef (tofu or cookies) to go around with Simply XML and Content Mapper. Contact us (hello@simplyxml.com) for more information and requirements.