Structured Content - The Missing Link in Enterprise Content Management

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Structured Content - The Missing Link in Enterprise Content Management

Posted on June 2017

Structured Writing Defined

Structured writing is the application of cognitively based principles to analyzing, organizing, and presenting information for optimal human and/or machine consumption. Information consumers get just enough, just in time, actionable information.

Simply XML's Premise

The application of structured writing principles, an XML architecture, shared repositories, and modern processes for tagging, managing, and publishing content will allow information consumers to improve their use of information at the enterprise level.

Why Aren't You Interested?

Many of the professionals we meet seem to be focused on technical issues and technical publications. I'm going to provide a bit of background on structured writing here, possibly enough so that you will want to know more. I'm going to briefly discuss:

Topic-based Writing

This is an approach to authoring content in units that can stand alone or that can be assembled into larger documents we call maps/books. Topics or Maps can be accessed based on reader requirements.

Information Types

From the reader's perspective and with an understanding of how the human brain works, separating content into information types improves reader access and human performance.

Note: These information types may be supported by technology, or XML, or DITA, but their utility is primarily focused on the desired actions of the reader.

Principles Behind Great Content

There are the subtle or not so subtle rules that an author and/or publisher needs to think about to meet the needs of information consumers.

Managing Content

Enterprises, including authors will also need to think about

We cover these content management issues with our technologies and during our training and implementation efforts.

Implementation Success Principles

These principles can help you get started and stay focused to produce great results for your enterprise.

Action requested

Please give us a call if we can help directly or with our technology and integration partners. We would be forever grateful if you would help us identify and work with your business leaders to achieve great content for your information consumers.