Picking Petals Off a Daisy


Picking Petals Off a Daisy

Posted on March 2017

Spring is Here in the Northeast

And in the spring of 1835 Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote that "in the spring a young man's thoughts turn to love." With imperfect communication in relationships, the intelligent person picks the petals off a Daisy to get an accurate reading on the nature of relationship. It is in this context that I'm going to save a daisy and get right to the point.

I'm going to help you understand whether he/she loves Content Mapper, or not.

He/She Loves Us
He/She Loves Us NOT
You have enterprise authors who contribute content to a broader function.  For example, there are marketing staff, trainers, SME's, engineers and technical staff that could benefit from each other's content.You want to implement a complex XML structure where authors need to understand the element names, proper use, coding, nuances and complexities of 30 or more XML elements and structures.
You want to get control of MS Word-based content and non-technical authors with business goals that do not require technical expertise.Your non-technical departments are unwilling to adopt any kind of structured authoring methodology.
You are willing to implement a cross-functional initiative that meets the needs of both technical and non-technical staff across the enterprise.Your authors are totally comfortable with a complicated XML editor where the content seems sandwiched between XML gobbledygook.
Your enterprise is committed to an XML architecture, but your authors are focused on improved understanding for information consumers.Your enterprise authors do not use Microsoft Word in a Windows Operating Environment on a PC or Mac.
Your customers are demanding just enough, just in time information on their device of choice in their local language. Your staff is bored with its authoring and wants to adopt a complex system because they think that  DITA  is "really cool."
You want your customers to receive a hugely increasing volume of content in their native languages.There is no high-level management commitment to and enterprise solution for functions that use MS Word.
Your marketing staff, trainers, SMEs, engineers and technical staff could save money and improve performance by using each other's content.The only project managers you can engage are technical with limited understanding of how enterprise content is created and used.