Quick Tip- Simplicity (Again)


Quick Tip- Simplicity (Again)

Posted on September 2015

In Life:

Some people worry about things that could happen, making decisions that not everyone will support, creating unhappy feelings among staff, and potential failure. Sometimes the simplest answers are the best.  There is the story of a man who visits a psychiatrist because there is a monster under his bed.  The psychiatrist proposes paid meetings every other day for a year.  The haunted person retires to a bar where the bartender suggests that he should cut the legs off the bed.  Problem solved!


You don't need 200 XML elements and custom metadata and lots of other granularity to achieve a successful information architecture across the enterprise. Beyond the technical areas simplicity is the key. Start with a simple, common sense architecture and teach people to develop content that way. You can add some legs later, if you need them, but we suspect you won't.  Keep It Simple, Smart-person.