Did You Miss the XML Bus?

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Did You Miss the XML Bus?

Posted on September 2015

Did You Miss the XML Bus?

It was a very good bus to be on, if you were in Tech Pubs. The riders got some great XML technical tools—editors, CMSs, and publishers. And the technical skills and positive results they achieved have improved their careers. Many can speak fluently in DITA. Customers are happy with the information they received. Some call it "intelligent content." Wow!

Here's the Truth about That Bus:

The bus went cross continent. It took a long time with many turns and many stops. But the good news is that, most likely, you didn't really want to be on that bus. And there wasn't room time for your colleagues in the rest of the organization anyway. Relax because you didn't want to be on the XML bus going to XMLand.

But People are Texting from the Bus, Telling Me I Need to Catch up!

Don't worry. Relax. And here's why:

Take the Jet

You can get to your destination in a jet. XML will be underneath, but you don't need to see it. Shared repositories, metadata, workflow—you can have it all and on your own terms. Let the techies enjoy their ride and you can enjoy yours. You will see that traveling in style will get you to the same ultimate destination faster, cheaper, and a lot easier. And the best news is that jet travel is less expensive and it flies on your schedule.

Content Mapper Air Travel

Content Mapper was designed for this kind of travel. XML will be in the background. Shared repositories, metadata, publishing, and workflow if you need it and want it. An easy to learn and use information standard implemented across the enterprise using DITA, Simply Structured, or another set of document rules. Otherwise, you can have what you need when you need it leveraging the tools and people you already have.

Is it that Simple?

Yes. And furthermore, if the technical XML bus has not left your organization yet, you can still take the Jet! In any case, you'll probably be there first. It will save you money. And your customers and your executives will be glad you did.