Quick Tip- Enjoy the summer


Quick Tip- Enjoy the summer

Posted on July 2015

In Life:

Summer (with apologies to our Australian and New Zealand friends) offers a chance to relax, slow down, and just "be." Recent surveys have show that workers who take vacation are more successful and more productive than those who don't. So give into it.  Go with the flow. Relax.  And let that next great innovation percolate in the back of your mind.  Ask your subconscious to work while you vacation.


The Beatles said it best.......When I find myself in times of trouble......Speaking words of wisdom.....Let it be.  Don't rush change.  Put one foot in front of the other.  You will be more efficient and effective in your change effort.  And you'll sleep a lot better at night!

We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!