About Simply XML

About Simply XML

Simply XML helps large and small organizations get control of their content. You can easily adopt structured writing and structured mark-up to achieve the significant benefits of content reuse and flexible publishing. Content Mapper provides a simple, easy to use solution for creating and publishing XML content from Microsoft Word. Our amazing technology hides the ugly but useful XML behind the scenes. Your authors can focus on creating great content while taking advantage of modern efficient processes. We can easily and cost-effectively bring your content supply chain into the new world of shared repositories, metadata, work flow, multi-channel publishing, and beyond.

We know that your Word-based authors have important content responsibilities and are generally non-technical. Our goals include simplicity, ease of use, value, and enterprise success with content management.

We know that it is critical that the vast majority of authors who use Microsoft Word be able to easily adopt these modern facilities. They won't use a traditional XML editor and web-based authoring is a limited option.

There's a reason we call it Simply XML.

Any Questions? Then let's get started!

We'd love to hear from you. How about a web meeting so we can get you started with a free trial? Email us at hello@simplyxml.com.