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We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value through our expertise, our high quality products, our pricing structure, and our very positive working relationships.

Our Partners receive an attractive ROI as a qualified distributors of Simply XML's state of the art software and training products. Their customers get the full advantage of Simply XML products to improve the productivity of authors through efficient and effective single source publishing, multi-channel publishing, and document control.

We will always work to insure that our Partners are successful with their customers.

Partner With Us

We want to partner with companies that help their customers make XML simple and productive and we want to make it easy to work with us. If you would like to learn more:


There are many ways to partner with us. We work with other high quality software vendors to meet the complete needs of their customers.


Content Management Vendors

When Content Management Vendors wish to expand adoption throughout the enterprise, Content Mapper will permit the huge number of authors who work in Microsoft Word to leverage their work into the enterprise repository and publishing system. We have built tight integrations with a number of Content Management Systems. See the full list of our CMS integrations here.

Bluestrream Logo Content Mapper is integrated with Bluestream XDocs, a DITA XML component content management system. It was created as a DITA product from its inception, and can harness the features of DITA for a powerful user experience. Built with non-technical users in mind, XDocs allows writers to focus on writing, leaving the CMS to manage the “traffic cop” aspects of routing content to its final destinations.
Componize Logo Content Mapper has a complete integration with Componize Software's DITA CCM called Componize™ for Alfresco™. Componize is a provider of the DITA XML Component Content Management System that optimizes the production, management, and publishing of high-volume documents such as product documentation and e-learning content. It allows large organizations to benefit from the latest innovations in DITA Component Content Management.
DITAToo Logo Content Mapper includes a tight integration with the DITAToo DITA CMS. DITAToo DITA CMS lets you quickly find content you need, update links automatically, track reuse, manage translations, control versions and releases, manage content variations, manage workflow, publish to a wide variety of output formats, and much more. DITAToo DITA CMS doesn’t require big budgets and weeks to be deployed. Working with DITAToo is easy.
EasyDITA Logo Content Mapper connects with easyDITA, a cloud-based solution that allows authors to store, search, retrieve, and manage DITA content. It includes everything required to manage DITA content – link management, version control, check in/check out, import/export – you name it, all in a native XML database.
IBM Logo Content Mapper is integrated with FileNet, from IBM and Simply XML works with IBM's professional services organization. IBM is a diversified technology company offering software, hardware, and related tehnology services on a global basis.


Software Partners

Content Mapper is integrated with the following packaged software products:

Acrolinx Logo Acrolinx content optimization software points out language and structure problems on a host of levels and gives meaningful suggestions for improvement.
Design Science Logo Design Science develops software used by educators, scientists and publishing professionals, including MathType, Equation Editor in Microsoft Office, MathFlow, MathDaisy and MathPlayer, to communicate on the web and in print.
Miramo Logo Miramo is a powerful XML-based publishing system designed for super simple implementation, deployment, and future maintenance of publishing solutions.


Systems Integrators and other Professional Services Companies

Companies implementing large scale compliance, publishing, ECM and other systems can rely on Content Mapper to produce the high quality XML that, until now has been created by an extra layer of technical authors. We work with systems integrators and other implementers to meet the needs of Microsoft Word-based authors who need to integrate with more technical authors.

Amplexor Logo Amplexor Amplexor provides knowledge, processes, software tools, and implementation services to improve authoring and publishing. We help our customers implement cost-effective structured authoring and flexible publishing solutions driven by modern processes including workflow, information tagging, and shared repositories. Partnering with our customers, we create value by moving organizations progressively from the current state to one where information is structured and controlled. This approach supports the organization’s brand and efficiency requirements. Our clients can then focus on their primary missions with information as an effective and valuable asset.
Armedia Logo Armedia With a significant focus on large US Government organizations and the Fortune Global 500, Armedia enables businesses and service providers to transform their operations and deliver Information Technology as a service. Armedia collaborates with clients to help them become high performaing businesses and governments.
Infoparse Logo InfoParse Infoparse offers content solutions under a DITA XML architecture across the Japanese marketplace. Content Mapper is an important component of InfoParse's Easy "n" Fluid DITA Solution.
Precision Content Logo Precision Content Authoring Solutions, Inc. Precision Content is an innovative authoring solution that integrates a scalable, topic-based, structured authoring methodology with DITA/XML-based authoring environments. The research-based methodology allows teams of authors and contributors to produce modular, concise, and consistent content.
Zia Logo Zia Consulting Zia Consulting delivers Enterprise Content Management and Intelligent Document Capture solutions that address the content chaos needs of an enterprise to better manage and secure important documents.