Company History

Our History

Simply XML is a 12 year old company with decades of experience. Here's our story.

For more than 20 years, Simply XML’s CEO, Doug Gorman, was CEO of Information Mapping, Inc., a training, consulting and software company. After years of hoping technology would advance to support content development, Doug recognized that available authoring and publishing technologies had moved forward in a quantum leap. He had commercialized structured writing and found that it could be enhanced by the intelligent use of technology. We were in the process of developing some exciting Word to XML technology when a group of Europeans bought the traditional seminar, consulting, and FS Pro businesses. The new state-of-the-art technology was spun off into Simply XML, LLC. As the name implies we are focused on helping companies easily adopt XML, including adoption across the enterprise at large for structured and semi-structured content like documentation, training materials, marketing materials, and policies and procedures.

We know structured writing and we help implement it through standards and software. The principals and staff of Simply XML have decades of experience with information architecture, topic-based writing, and related authoring tools. We know what content consumers need and we understand how content creators need to work to meet those needs. We know how to transition content from unstructured to structured and we know that simplicity, ease of learning, and ease of use produce cost-effective solutions.

We know how to use technology to produce business results—in previous lives we have developed and sold authoring software to hundreds of thousands of writers. Back in the 90s, in cooperation with Arbortext and Lucent, we implemented one of the first successful SGML-based single source publishing systems. With the more recent wide-spread adoption of XML, we are now on our sixth generation of Word to XML authoring software. Our implementation of technology has been enhanced and matured by years of experience helping customers develop useful and better content.

We know that the use of XML will move out of the exclusive realm of technology groups to the enterprise level. And there are many synergistic partners who can help transition customers to the new authoring and publishing systems. We now want our partners and the customers we serve to help us write the next chapter of our history!