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Simply XML May 2011

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New White Paper: Simply DITA for Everyone

Simply DITA for EveryoneIntroducing Simply DITA for Everyone, a white paper that proves that you don't have to be a DITA expert to get all the benefits of DITA.

"Beyond Tech Pubs, DITA is also a holistic approach to improving publishing, lowering costs, complying with regulations, meeting customer needs, and displaying a consistent and positive image to your customers and employees. Using DITA to achieve those goals involves some fundamental organizational changes while using a subset of the tools that DITA provides. There are seven fundamental initiatives needed to achieve the benefits of DITA.

  1. A shift from a document-centric authoring to topic-based writing
  2. The use of general and specialized typing of information topics
  3. The application of good writing principles
  4. The separation of content development from content publishing..."
Click here to read the full white paper, Simply DITA for Everyone.

Simply News and Events: NLDITA

Doug Gorman will be speaking on Simply DITA - An Enterprise Approach at NLDITA 2011, taking place June 1 in Utrecht, Netherlands. This session will focus on the opportunities and constraints to moving DITA beyond Tech Pubs, and the importance of a simple and minimalist approach to implementing DITA as a standard at the enterprise level.

NLDITA 2011NLDITA 2011 will host content experts from all over the world. Just to name a few: Don Day, one of the founders of DITA and other DITA usability advocates, like Jang Graat (NL), Kristoff van Tomme (BE) and Andy Lewis (IS). Also, Jonathan Lundin from Sweden has developed a revolutionary way of defining topics based on user goals with his SeSAM architecture.

The conference has three main tracks. NLDITA Developer will focus on technical solutions and innovations. NLDITA User Experience will focus on creating DITA content. And NLDITA Executive Tea will focus on the implementation, including costs, metrics and ROI. Learn more at the official site here:


All of our newsletters will provide quick tips and tricks to help you simplify the XML world and beyond. Our tip for May involves Simplifying Your Content Reuse.

Content reuse is valuable, allowing authors to write once and publish many times. Its many benefits include controlling content authoring, maintaining brand image, and cutting costs of translation among others. But many people often forget about the related maintenance aspect. Before you've gone overboard and want to reuse everything, it's imperative to think about what level of the document you want to (and are able to) maintain. Each reusable piece will need to be written, edited, and stored separately. For your organization, the optimal level could be at the document or topic level, or as detailed as the component level (such as a bulleted list).

In Life:
Organized Files Anyone can see the value of organizing your office file folders. Experts weigh in on all the options you have, whether it's by topic, client, project date, or any of hundreds of ways. But there can be such a thing as too high a level of granularity when it comes to organizing. When most of the folders in your file cabinet have only one sheet of paper in them, you have lost the benefits of simple organizing and you have increased the difficulty of maintaining this system.


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